Welcome to Qizmit!

Qizmit is a unique digital service provider and internet site that leverages technology to help improve your life.

Alice is Qizmit's prototype Artificial Intelligence. We will allow you to customize Alice's personality and offer automated digital services to assist you. We are also available to create custom automation for Alice to run if needed. Qizmit utilizes Alice to provide a variety of services including:

Schedule an email, text message, or a phone call on a one time or recurring basis. Reminders may also help you remember an important anniversary, birthday, or meeting.
All Reminders and Monitors are logged to your own personal journals. You may also create a variety of journals for recreation, creativity, and tracking your personal progress.
Print & Distribute
Quickly and easily turn your data into printed post cards, letters, and facsimiles. Associate digital content with the printed material that the recipient can access from a web browser or on a smartphone via a QR code.
Monitor a website, server, or even yourself and aggregate data about performance and issue notifications if conditions are met. Monitors may also be used to gather periodic responses in order to track statistics about your health or activities.
Securely share access to your data with custom challenges and answers. Qizmit will provide a challenge-password style content wall.
Share your content via a Content Distribution Network (CDN).

Categorize, organize and store your digital content in Qizmit's cloud for easy access to it from anywhere. We will intelligently detect and organize your content when you submit it. Qizmit Digital Objects will provide hierarchical, structured data services for a variety of digital life related tasks. And what's even better, it's all accessible through a common, JSON REST API in case you are interested in integrating Qizmit's services into your own site or applications.

Qizmit's cloud supports the following content types and features:
Qizmit's Digital Objects currently include the following stacks:

Flag your content to be stored encrypted in our cloud. We also offer the ability to have your data encrypted locally, sent to Qizmit over an encrypted HTTPS connection, and encrypted AGAIN in our cloud.
Manage all your contacts and create physical and electronic mailing distribution lists. We support importing Comma Separated Value (CSV) files containing standard contact information.
We currently support the following image formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP. We also use the Aviary image editor to allow you to further edit and touch-up your images.
We currently support the following audio formats: MP3, WAV.
We currently identify and categorize the following video formats: MP4, SWF, WEBM.
We support the following Microsoft Office documents for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio.
Adobe PDF
We support documents supplied in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
Raw Text, Markup Text, & Hyperlinks
For those times when you just don't have the content in a file yet. You may submit your content as raw text, marked up text using BBCode, or just submit a hyperlink you want to keep.
Sites & Catalogs
Create an online presence or store front to sell craft products, digital downloads, or content subscriptions.
Create a calendar of events while allowing your Contacts to schedule events and meetings with you.
Monitor and track financial portfolios and have Qizmit watch for changes and notify you if conditions warrant.
Create to-do and task lists to help you organize and plan anything imaginable.
Create a variety of journals for recreation, creativity, and tracking your personal progress.
Easily create one or more blogs. Monetize your blog by accepting Bitcoins displayed as a QR code to your readers or requiring subscriptions.
Create galleries and albums to organize all your media.
Organize and store lists of your favorite sites and web links in the cloud so they never get lost again.
Create a digital time capsule with your content for archival purposes.

It's Qizmit.